Anniversaires pirates

Organization of fantastic treasure hunts at the Bains des Pâquis children aged fromr 4-12 years with activities adapted to the ages of children.

Poetry and adventure !

When ?

Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays all year (except July & August).

Where ?

A large part of the activities take place outside in the Bains des Pâquis. The welcome and the snack are done inside in the cabane with fondues or under the awning.
The pirate birthday takes place in all weather conditions, storm, hail, rain.

How many ?

Single price: CHF 200.- (included disguises, animation, treasure, pirate syrups, pretty dishes and decorated table). Birthday cake not included (please bring your own).

Entry to the baths at an extra charge (from the opening of the cash desk):
free for children under 6, 1.- / child, 2.- / adult.

Chocolate pirate fondue optional on request: CHF 7.- / child (from November to February).

Sardine Crochet et des enfants pirates durant un anniversaire aux Bains des Pâquis


  • From 14h / 14h30
  • Variable duration between 2h15 and 3h (according to the ages of the children)


Number of children limited for the good running of the treasure hunt :

  • for 4 years (6), for 5 years (8), for 6-7 years (10), for 8-9 years (12) , for 10-12 years old (14).
    The presence of an adult with Sardine is required for 4-6 years.

  • For 7-9 year olds, the presence of 2 adults is recommended to form 2 teams.


The pirate birthday parties are organized with the precious and generous support of the Buvette des Bains.


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"The pirates of Sardine Crochet"